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Apply For Satellite Club Funding Now

Your satellite club will need to focus on changing the behaviour of young people from being irregularly active to becoming consistently active. They will also need to be demand led and insight driven.

Remember young people are seeking experiences which are:

SOCIAL Allowing them to maintain their social lives and connect with like-minded people
REWARDING Give them something back (an achievement e.g losing weight/ gaining friends)
PERSONALISED Tailored or able to make their own and fitting with their lives (able to drop in and out depending on work commitments)
INSPIRING Unique, different, something they can be proud of or help them stand out and grasp their attention in the first place)
CREATIVE Entrepreneurial, allowing them to go further to create their version of sport e.g. free running is a consequence of this
INTERACTIVE Through the use of technology and/or gaming

Support is available to help you create a great experience on our Resources Page

  • Satellite Club Application (MS Excel, 396 Kb)

    Use this application to submit an outline of your plan to North Yorkshire Sport.

  • Sustainability Application Form (MS Excel, 57 Kb)

    If you have previously had Satellite Club funding from us, but need more support to make sure your session continues, please complete this document and return to North Yorkshire Sport