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Satellite Clubs

Typically, a satellite club is for a young person who enjoys sport but is not currently a club member, perhaps put-off because they can't commit to the training/playing schedules. They may be restricted in terms of how far they can travel or how much they can pay, or they may simply want to enjoy sport as a social activity. A Satellite Club isn't for already existing active young people, but a programme to engage with those young people that given more opportunity would be more active.

Why do we need satellite clubs?

Research has shown that the step from school or college sport to community sport is often too great for young people. This is one of the main reasons why so many 14-25 year olds drop-out of sport. Satellite clubs make it easy for young people to stay in sport, or to start playing sport for the first time.

Satellite Clubs provide a stepping stone to a community club or regular participation through the creation of relevant, appealing and convenient sporting opportunities for young people. Satellite clubs may have a range of different objectives, determined by local need and insight.

Laura Young

Sport Development Manager

North Yorkshire Sport

North Yorkshire Sport Ltd
Harrogate High School
Ainsty Road