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Achieve - Essential Life Skills

The Achieve Life Skills Programme is designed to inspire young people to create a brighter future for themselves by supporting the development of skills and opportunities in their local area.

The programme will aim to achieve the following outcomes;

  • Increase resilience, perseverance and persistence
  • Improve social, physical and emotional well being
  • Improved self confidence and self esteem


We will work closely with schools to identify pupils aged 13+ who would benefit from the perceived outcomes of the programme.

The Programme


All sessions and activities will be led by James Kirton (Sporting Champion) and Ian Kirchner-Waines (North Yorkshire Youth). Both have experience working in a setting to engage, motivate and inspire young people to achieve.

All programmes delivered will follow a similar structure however each will be tailored to meet te needs of those within the group. Sessions will take place directly after school with refreshments provided to participants.

  • Element 1 - A choice of Sports which will be delivered through out network of local sports clubs to introduce different activities and develop skills such as team work, discipline and resilience.
  • Element 2 - Group Activity - various tasks and challenges to test them, their skills, how they deal with setbacks and how to move on and build from that.
  • Element 3 - Learning and training opportunities - helping participants to boost their CV, gain age appropriate qualifications (First aid / Sports Leaders)
  • Element 4 - Development, planning and delivery of a Community Social Action Challenge. The group will be given a budget to deliver something within their local community with a sport influence.

On completion of the programme, young people will be invited along with their friends, family and school staff to a celebration event to share and celebrate all their success and receive recognition.

The Programmes

Programme 1: Eskdale School

Programme 2: George Pindar

Jody Ivel

Sport Development Manager

North Yorkshire Sport