The Achieve Life Skills Programme is designed to use sport and activity to inspire young people to create a brighter future for themselves by supporting the development of skills and opportunities in their local area.

The programme will aim to achieve the following outcomes;

  • Increase resilience, perseverance and persistence
  • Improve social, physical and emotional well being
  • Improved self confidence and self esteem

If you want to know more about what a programme looks like, who will deliver it and who is for have a look on the page below. We love how flexible and adaptable our concept is so no two projects are the same! It can be tailored to the group of young people engaging in the project to ensure it is supporting them to realise and reach their potential.

Where we've been and more about our funders

We can go virtual!

A few of our programmes had to stop suddenly due to Covid-19. We want to continue to support the young people we were working with so have taken the sessions Virtual.

We are currently running weekly virtual session's with pupils from George Pindar School and Selby High School, trying to cover programme content we would have covered in our usual sessions.

Take a look at the video below which was created by our some of the pupils from our group at George Pindar School!

Jody Ivel

Development Manager - Youth Engagement