Active Together

Walking for health

Active Together is a project to help communities create ways to bring people together to be active.

This website will provide guidance and ideas to get your community more active by setting up your own 'Active Hub'.

An Active Hub requires:

  • A meeting place or space
  • An activity or idea
  • Like minded people
  • Info point

Why set up an Active Hub?

It is well documented that being active improves your physical and mental health but barriers such as motivation, loneliness and isolation, rurality and cost can prevent people from taking part. The beauty of an Active Hub is that you don't need expensive equipment or facilities, it can be set up on your doorstep so people don't have to travel and it encourages people from the same community to come together to take part in an activity or activities that they will mutually enjoy.

An Active Hub can be as small or as big as you want it to be. How the hub is set up will depend on the scale, type of activity, the location and who will be participating.

Resources - Get Started Here!


Examples of Active Hubs



Like Minded People

Village Green/Bus Shelter

Social Buggy Walking Group

New Mums or Dads

Car Park/Bridleway/Cycle Route


Work Colleagues/Friends

School Playing Field/Playground/Village Hall

Weekly Walking Sport (football/netball/rugby/hockey)

Older People or people with lower activity levels

Village Hall

Wide range of Activities (Bowls/Pilates/Yoga/Toy Library/Youth Club)

Village Residents