Active Mile

The Sport England Active Lives Survey shows that active children are happier, more resilient and more trusting of others and it has also shown a positive association between being active and higher levels of mental well-being, individual development and community development.

A way of getting the whole school active is the Active Mile, Daily Mile, Golden Mile.

This is a safe, simple and measurable health and physical activity initiative accessible to all age groups regardless of ability. Every pupil can get involved by walking, jogging or running around the safety of the school grounds. This initiative is all about encouraging everyone to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, not about who is the sportiest or crosses the finish line first. This initiative is all about getting everybody active at what ever level works for them and looking to improve personal best.

North Yorkshire Schools implementing the mile

National Active mile briefings
Provides information about the evidence on active mile initiatives, ideas for how to implement them and examples of practice.