Archery - Year 3 & 4

This challenge is ideal for outdoor activity and assists schools with planning activity as part of the safe return of pupils.


Each team will be made up of 5 participants. Teams can be all boys, all girls or mixed.

There will be 2 competitions taking place:

  • Year 3/4 team
  • Inclusion team - Years 3-6 KS2. All participants competing as part of the team will be registered SEND.

The top 3 winning teams from across the County area will each receive a medal.

Closing date for each school to submit their best team score :- Friday 10th December 2021

County winning teams will be announced :- Tuesday 14th December 2021


For every archery competition total score submitted, please can all schools additionally send in their winning team's individual scores from each of the three stations completed as part of the challenge.

These will assist in the event of a tie breaker situation.

Taking a photo of results and sending them via email is fine.

Please send these five individual scores from your winning team/s to :-

Fill out my online form.