North Yorkshire Sport is pleased to be a delivery partner for the Action Towards Inclusion (ATI) project. This £7m programme is a three year project funded by the Big Lottery and the European Social Fund for the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding LEP area.

The ATI programme offers personalised support to help adults that have physical, psychological, financial and/or skills-related challenges that are barriers to them working. We provide one-to-one support through dedicated mentors (and also specialist interventions if required) to improve the circumstances of unemployed and economically inactive people. Step-by-step, participants progress towards employment, training, education and job-search.

Whilst not sports related, we believe the project contributes to individuals' health and wellbeing, as well as tackling social issues such as poverty and exclusion.

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Liam's Story


Through the Action Towards Inclusion (ATI) programme2 NYS have been supporting adults in to employment, education or training. Our approach is to support the general health and wellbeing of the individual using physical activity to better equip them to enter the job market or access training.

Liam was unemployed and had a medical condition. " Before ATI I was really worried about my weight but never thought I would be able to do anything with it, it was stopping me from doing what I wanted to do.

" After being referred to North Yorkshire Sport, our staff worked with Liam over 6 weekly sessions to challenge his attitude and understand the challenges he faces. Over that time Liam developed the confidence to enter a gym. He accessed the 12 week 'Move it Lose it' programme run by Selby Leisure Centre and during the 12 weeks he lost 3 stone and continued this by walking 8,000 steps a day and attending the gym 3 times a week. Liam has continued to lose weight and his medical conditions have improved, he has the confidence to volunteer on a regular basis whilst he seeks permanent employment.

" If someone had said to me 7 months ago that I would be where I am today I would have laughed at them. It's helped me gain confidence and I feel 100 times better in myself. I'm not looking back anymore I'm only looking forward towards the future. "

Kallum's Story

NYS has been supporting Kallum through our Action Towards Inclusion (ATI) project. ATI utilises Sport and Physical Activity to help transition its participants into employment, education and training. The bespoke nature of the support we provide enables us to really understand the unique personal situation of each participant, so that we can help them to achieve their potential. More broadly, It also helps us to understand more about inactivity amongst different demographic groups.

Kallum was unemployed, inactive and living with a number of health conditions when we first met him. He attended regular 1-2- 1 meetings, which allowed us to develop a firm understanding of the challenges he was facing. Many of the meetings were 'walk and talk' which helped to build confidence and gradually introduce physical activity.

One of Kallum's barriers was independent travel and he had never travelled on a bus by himself. Taking part in sporting opportunities such as Couch to 5k and volunteering at Yorkshire Warrior developed his self-esteem and confidence and he now travels regularly by himself. His health is improving through gym work, he volunteers weekly at his local football club and he has also enrolled on a weight.

Gavin has listened to my issues and any barriers I've faced whilst supporting me to overcome them. This has helped build my confidence to manage independently.

Volunteering at the Yorkshire Warrior and my local football club has shown me that I can do things by myself. It has provided me with new skills and friendships. I like being part of a team even though I am not playing the spor

Jonathan's Story

Jonathan was unemployed and living with severe anxiety. He struggled to leave the house or socialise and had not travelled on public transport in over ten years.

After being referred to North Yorkshire Sport, we worked with Jonathan to improve his physical health by providing opportunities to exercise at his home and through weekly 1-2-1 meetings held as 'walk and talk' sessions. Over that time Jonathan developed the confidence to travel to Harrogate town centre via public transport, with his keyworker.

By continuing the walk and talk sessions and gradually going further away from his home, Jonathan built the confidence to attend a six-week course with other ATI participants. The course helped participants to confidently approach a range of situations such as handling setbacks, giving and receiving criticism, making decisions and problem solving.

Jonathan has recently travelled independently from his home to Harrogate town centre for the first time in his life and is now undertaking a work placement alongside a 12-week employment support programme:

''By getting outside with my key worker walking and talking, I have felt more able to do things by myself. Things are going really well at my work placement and I think the confidence from the travel training has helped a lot.

"Before ATI, I was really worried about public spaces and being around people. This anxiety really impacted on my confidence and ability to leave the house'