August 2019 Fiit Like a Girl

North Yorkshire Sport have worked with Fiit Like a Girl to establish clubs focussed on providing girls with a safe, secure space to get fit and make new friends.

Fiit Like a Girl owner, Vicky Little, has developed girls only fitness classes that work on building fitness, self-esteem and body confidence. Sessions are specially structured to engage girls who have previously struggled in other clubs, classes are attended by girls with all kinds of difficulties including low self-esteem, anxiety and autism. Some girls come along to act as peer role models and this works really well.

The sessions use games, circuits and other forms of fitness to get the girls active, no-one is singled out. The programme is based around team work, support and feeling good about ourselves. The sessions are planned with the girls to ensure that that activities are fun for everyone. The peer mentors are great role models and they zoom in on girls who may be on the side lines initially, ensuring that no one is ever left out.

All the girls are involved in planning the sessions which ensures that the sessions are always based around activities the girls like, enjoy and want to take part in.

The girls say:

"I joined Box Fiit for stress relief during my a-level exams and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every class. It has really improved both my mental and physical fitness"

"I absolutely love boxercise! I had my reservations at first as I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy it but now I look forward to every class. It's fun, easy to pick up and a great way to exercise. Vicky and Lisa are amazing and have a great outlook and passion to help girls within sport which I also have a passion about. My sister and I have found it very helpful to de-stress during and after exams."