Becoming a Coach

Coaching young people and adults in sport can be hugely rewarding for both for yourself and those that you coach. So where do you begin?

Where can I coach?

The good news is there are lots of opportunities available to get involved in coaching. If you are already involved with a club, their coaching coordinator or coaches will help to get you involved in sessions. If not your options are:

  • Volunteering – most coaching is undertaken by volunteers, and your local club will welcome you.
  • As a volunteer coach there are opportunities to progress to work with higher level performers, such as county and regional squads.
  • Paid coaching – There is a wide range of paid coaching opportunities available within the county. While full and part time posts do exist, most work is either casual or a few hours a week.
  • Another route to employment is to become self-employed and seek work from various organisations. Organisations looking for additional coaches (voluntary or paid) often advertise coaching opportunities through the Active Humber website so be sure to keep checking for opportunities.

Where do I start?

A great way is to speak to a local club and enquire about assisting one of their coaches.
By observing and helping out you'll get a better idea of what is involved in being a coach. The experience will help you understand the skills you'll need and help you when you attend your first coaching course.

Getting qualified

The next step is to gain a National Governing Body (NGB) coaching or leadership qualification for the sport you want to work in.

In most sports you start by taking a 'Level One' coaching qualification - the NGB will be able to offer further advice.

Many of these courses run in the Humber – course dates and further information about coaching qualifications can be found on our courses page along with links to the coaching pages of the NGBs.

How much will it cost?

Your Level One qualifications will could cost between £100-£250 depending on the sport and course duration. Some courses can be done in a day and some take a couple of weekends.

Active Humber can offer advice on funding opportunities. Details can be found on our Funding Section.

Some of the opportunities to fund coaching qualifications are:

  • Bursaries – are sometimes available to support coaches gain a first or further coaching award.
  • Grant Applications - Your club may also be able to apply for a grant to support the development of a group of coaches, especially if the club is a voluntary organisation. This could include Sport England's Small Grants scheme and various funding pots for community organisations through local authorities or community foundations.
  • NGBs - the governing body of the sport you are interested in may have access to additional funding for training or courses.
  • Your Club - some sports clubs and leagues are able to support their coaches to undertake additional training and gain new qualifications.

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