The Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU)

The Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) is a partnership between the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), Sport England, Sport Scotland, Sports Council for Northern Ireland and The Sports Council for Wales. The Unit was founded in 2001 to co-ordinate and support sports organisations' implementation of the 2000 National Action Plan for Child Protection in Sport.

The CPSU's mission is to safeguard the welfare of children and young people under 18 in sport and to promote their well-being.

The CPSU play the lead role in helping sports organisations to develop and implement their responses, policies and procedures, systems and structures for safeguarding.

Since 2001, they have worked with sport and statutory agencies to ensure that all children, regardless of their level of participation in sport or where they participate, have a safe and enjoyable experience.

They help organisations to:

  • recognise their responsibility to protect children and young people left in their care
  • recognise their responsibility to pass on any concerns about children's welfare or protection in their families or communities to a statutory agency
  • develop strategies and standards to protect children and young people
  • identify and respond to adults who are a threat to children and young people
  • develop safeguarding knowledge and skills among all staff and volunteers.

The CPSU's mission is to build the capacity of sports to safeguard children and young people in and through sport and to enable sports organisations to lead the way in keeping children safe from harm.

They aim to achieve this by:

  • being a lead voice, champion, pioneer UK wide and internationally
  • providing expert safeguarding and child protection advice to sports organisations
  • contributing safeguarding knowledge to their policies, procedures and programmes
  • developing and delivering sports specific training, resources and guidance
  • coordinating, lobbying and advocating on behalf of the sports sector in response to government consultations
  • commissioning and supporting research into a range of issues, developing understanding and an evidence base
  • consulting with children and young people
  • working with international organisations to promote safeguarding work with other countries

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