Club and Coach Conference

This year, the 5th Annual Active Humber Club & Coach Conference was held on the 22nd November 2016 at The Lawns Centre, University of Hull in Cottingham. We are absolutely delighted with the response we have had to this year's event and the high number of delegates (155) in attendance.

The conferences aim was to recruit new coaches, develop and retain existing coaches, allow club, professional and personal coaches, organisations and internal coaches, consultants, trainers and people with a real interest in coaching to further their skills, insights, knowledge and expertise in this increasing global profession. We were trying to provide our diverse audiences with a dynamic and insightful learning space. We deliver leading edge, thought provoking and energising content to both educate and inform, motivate and inspire our audience.

Organisations that attended the conference included 40 community clubs, 12 Coaching Providers, 9 Colleges, 3 Local Authority Reps, 3 Professional clubs, 2 secondary and 1 primary school Reps.

Check out below for the workshop presentations:

Social Media Workshop
The Social Media workshop was for clubs who would like to attract new members to their club through the use of Social Media.
It covered the basics of using Facebook & Twitter; what an effective account says, posts & how to drive up engagement. It also included information on how to use Facebook advertising to generate interest in the club & e-safety for those with children and young people

Behaviour change tactics
This workshop provided the tools and tactics to ensure your participants develop and maintain the incentive to create lasting change in their lives. The workshop will provided coaches or activity leaders with simple strategies that incentivise people to get active, as well as innovative nudge tactics to steer those who lapse back on track.

Future Sporting Landscape
The current picture of sport is changing and this workshop gave delegates the opportunity to share their views on what support would be most valuable over the coming years. As Active Humber develop our new strategy and we plan for what is to come, this was a great opportunity to provide a grass roots perspective and inform what Active Humber delivers in the coming years.

Planning for your clubs future
This workshop helped to look at where your club are now, where you aspire to be in the future and map out your journey. The workshop will covered the basics of business planning including practical tips on developing your own business plan and where to access support in the future.

Putting the fun back in to coaching
Do you coach 5-11 year olds? Are you getting the best out of the children? Is EVERY child valued, included and challenged in your sessions? This practical & theoretical session explored ways to support young people to be more confident, resilient, independent and resourceful. Delegates looked at fun ways to help children become physically literate by developing their fundamental movement skills.

Truth about warm-ups
You've heard the saying "Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail" well if you get your warm wrong then that is exactly what you are doing?
This short seminar taught delegates how to take athletes and teams through effective warm ups which will make sure that they are ready to perform at their best every time they compete.

Mental health awareness in sport and physical activity with MIND
MIND have designed and developed a unique and highly interactive programme which offers coaches and physical activity providers an introduction to this important subject. The course covers:
- Mental Well-being and mental health problems
- The impact on sport and physical activity on mental well-being
- Creating a positive experience in sport and physical activity for those with mental health problems
This is a taster session explored the myths of mental health as well as offering advice and guidance on how to create a positive environment in sport which will include and encourage participation for all including people with mental health problems