Coaching Business

Coaches can take on a variety of roles either paid or voluntary to support participants. These are generally in the following categories:-

Paid coaching – There is a wide range of paid coaching opportunities available within the county. While full and part time posts do exist, most work is either casual or a few hours a week.
These coaching positions could include being an assistant coach (usually a level one coach), a lead coach (level 2 coach), or a head coach role.

Self-Employment - Another route as a coach is to become self-employed and seek work from various organisations. This requires not only coaching skills, but you need to be able to run your own business.

For all employment and placement opportunities, coaches will be required to satisfy the standards required by the employer/deployer before they can coach for the organisation. This will include providing evidence of coaching qualifications and other training, experience, insurance, CRB check and checking references. To know whether you have the qualifications needed to be employed as a coach, a useful starting point is the sports coach UK Minimum Standards of Deployment for coaches.

Quality Assurance Schemes

In some areas of the Humber our partners have in place registration schemes to check that coaches looking to working in schools or local authority facilities meet their minimum standards. Click here for Hull City Council Quality Assured Sports Coaching Providers

Who employs coaches?

The organisations that employ sports coaches vary, but these include local authorities, schools, colleges, universities, professional clubs, national governing bodies of sport, and local sports clubs.

Organisations looking for additional coaches (voluntary or paid) often advertise coaching opportunities through the Coaching Humber so be sure to register and keep checking for opportunities.

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