Data and Insight

How many people play sport?

What keeps them engaged?

Why do they drop out?

This section of the website focuses on the research and tools available to provide us with a deeper understanding of sports participation.

For sports organisations and clubs, evidence, insight and understanding are imperative to ensure that sporting resources and strategies can be planned and targeted more effectively.

Key areas of research include

The Active People Survey

The Active people Survey is the largest ever survey of sport and active recreation to be undertaken in Europe, measuring how many people participate, who they are, what sports they do, and how this varies across England.

Market Segmentation:

Sport England's Market Segmentation tool has been designed to help understand the life stages and attitudes of different population groups –and the sporting interventions most likely to engage them.

19 Sporting Segments have been created to help us understand attitudes to sport; the motivations for taking part and the barriers that prevent people from getting involved, so that sporting interventions can be targeted more effectively.

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