Debbie Reed

Netball Coach, Ripon Rockets

Tell me a bit about your coaching role(s)?
I am currently a coach with Ripon Rockets and previously I have been Head of performance for North

Why do you coach?
Originally, I set up Ripon Rockets as a community club as I had two daughters and myself who
wanted to play so rather than travel to Harrogate on an evening. We train every Saturday and play
and coach Sunday and North Yorkshire games mid-week. I felt that there was room for more Junior
clubs in North Yorkshire and since then we have been successful at Senior level Harrogate, North
Yorkshire and Regional providing development for our young players to get experience and strengthen
their game.

What have you gained from doing this?
As a family we have spent more time together and even my husband took and umpiring course. But it
is a pleasure to see young girls stretch themselves and strive to be the best they can. It isn't always
about the performance squad; the majority of the girls that play for fun and friends

Have you overcome any barriers to coach- Family, childcare, travel etc? How?
I do have my own business often working abroad so that has been a balancing challenge but NY have
helped to invest in our coaches with Sportivate so we have a team of qualified coaches and umpires

What would you say to someone who's thinking of getting into coaching?
Coaching is extremely rewarding with Juniors as they are so positive, and it is like a big family