Spa Town Roller Derby

Harrogate Ladies College
Duchy Road

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Rena Crossley
Spa Town Roller Girls

About Spa Town Roller Derby

Learn to skate with Spa Town! Formed in 2012, Spa Town welcomes everyone aged 16+ to join our Skate For Sport programme which runs every Sunday 2.30-4pm. No experience or skates required. Learn the basic of balance, skating and speed while getting fit

What's included in the Skate For Sport programme?

Everyone aged 16+ will learn the basics of skating - standing, balance, skating, falling safe, speed control and stoping.

Once you mastered the basics, you'll have the option to start to learn the fantastic sport of roller derby as one of the following:
- Officials (no contact)
- NSOs (non-skating officials)
- Skaters (full contact)

Through out the programme - you'll be able to be involved in a welcoming and inclusive club. Spa Town prides itself on upholding the club values of: learning, inclusiveness, competitiveness, teamwork and FUN!

What is roller derby?

Two teams of 5 skaters battle it out for position over a series of "jams" which last up to 2 minutes. Four "blockers" on each team and one "jammer". The jammer's job is to score points. After her initial pass through the "pack" of blockers, a jammer will score one point each time she passes a member of the opposing team. The blockers attempt to assist their own jammer while hindering the opposing jammer — playing both offense and defence simultaneously.

The game ends after the period clock runs out, and the team with the most points wins.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I too old to play? NO! There are skaters of all ages at Spa Town and a lot of clubs have skaters ranging from 16-60.

Am I too unfit to skate? NO! You'll be surprised how quickly you can get fit while having fun through skating. We work at your pace and you can take breaks whenever you need, so NO, come and have a go and see for yourself.

What do you wear when you're skating? Typically people wear exercise leggings or shorts and a t-shirt. You'll also be issued with 'safety kit' which includes wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads and a helmet. If you progress to learning roller derby you need a mouthguard too - those you have to buy yourself cause it would be way too gross to share :)

Do I have to buy my own kit? No. To start the programme we help out by loaning you all the kit you need to get started. A lot of skaters find that they want their own kit and there are a number of facebook groups where you can find discounted skates and pads.

Can I bring a friend? Absolutely! The more the merrier!

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