Liferiders - Harrogate based cycling group promoting mental health wellness

Posted: Thu, 09 Nov 2017 11:00

Liferiders - Harrogate based cycling group promoting mental health wellness

Liferiders is a community cycling group promoting healthy bodies and healthy minds - it has been created to use the power of cycling to help people feel better.

My main website is which is linked up to the British Cycling Let's Ride programme to encourage more people to ride their bikes.

Here's some background info...there's also 2 posters attached

Liferiders welcomes everyone - and is aimed at people who may have encountered stress, anxiety or depression in their lives, especially those who aren't regular cyclists. It's free to join. They can also set people up with low-cost bikes to get them started, and even connect them with a friendly cycling instructor to help them learn how to ride a bike.

All of the details and registration can be found HEREalong with lots of information showing how we can use our bodies to change our minds, and the benefits that activity brings to our mental health.

Raising awareness could be useful in a couple of ways:

1) By spreading awareness of the Liferiders cycling group across the wider Harrogate area, they can demonstrate a commitment to a proactive and preventative way to build wellbeing and reduce stress.

2) There's lots of talk, but mental health resources are more stretched than ever before. Creating a space for people to preventatively share their worries, build physical & mental health is critical given the context that 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health issue each year.

Liferiders already has the backing of the Harrogate & Rural GP Practices and is promoted by Leeds Mindful Employer and Harrogate Mind.



Here's a short summary to encourage people to join:

'...Break free from your stress, anxiety or depression for a couple of hours a week and see where it takes you. Join LiferidersCBAD for a steady weekly ride - fresh air - fresh perspective - take your mind off things - a sense of achievement - make a difference by supporting others. '

Here's the back-story behind my mission:

'...Liferiders was created by a guy who nearly lost his best friend to suicide, and whose passion for cycling has helped him to overcome work-related stress. He believes in the power of cycling to build healthy bodies and healthy minds. Why cycling ? Well there's more to it than simply turning the pedals. Cycling is about the support and encouragement of others, it's about overcoming physical challenges together, it's about adventure, a shared sense of pride and a strong sense of belonging.'

For more information contact:

Simon Thomas (Dipl.HypPsych, CertSM)


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