New Disability Diving Sessions - Harrogate

Posted: Mon, 01 Oct 2018 10:20

New Disability Diving Sessions - Harrogate

Harrogate District Diving Club (former home of Olympic Champion Jack Laugher) are expanding their programme to include instruction and coaching for disabled people. Obviously, due to the nature of the activity, there are some areas that might not be accessible for everyone sadly and there are some safety requirements. Participants must be able to swim at least 25m in deep water, and be able to climb out of the pool and up the stairs to the diving boards unassisted (or with minimal assistance). Admittedly, these limitations aren't ideal but we need to start somewhere! We are happy to accept people from locations outside Harrogate District. Due the club having younger members, we are aiming towards children and young people for this activity initially with participants ideally being under 21 years of age.

We are running some taster sessions on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 10th October 7.15-8.00pm
  • Wednesday 24th October 7.15-8.00pm
  • Wednesday 7th November 7.15-8.00pm
  • Wednesday 21st November 7.15-8.00pm
  • Wednesday 5th December 7.15-8.00pm

Each session is a taster session so you only have to attend one session initially.

Each participant must attend with a parent / carer or other responsible adult who will join in the session with them (so need to come changed and ready to get in the water if needed). The coach will then deliver the session of what skills the participants will take part in and the parent/carer will then assist the participant on a 1-1 basis.

We believe that we are one of the first, if not the first club to try to develop this sport for disabled people. If you want to be part of this fantastic opportunity, please get in touch.

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