The North Yorkshire Sport Primetime programme is proud to be part of the new package of health, well-being and social care support for veterans aged over 65.

The funding is by the Chancellor using LIBOR funds and has been awarded to a portfolio of organisations led by Community First Yorkshire. It is part of the Aged Veterans Fund operating across the United Kingdom.

The successful award means a 3-year service will be established County-wide to provide additional health, wellbeing and social care support to ex-forces personnel born before 1950 and also to those who completed National Service. This will mean greater help for surviving WW2 veterans, but will also encompass those who have served in conflicts since then such as the Falklands, Northern Ireland and the Gulf War.

A wide range of support will be made available in North Yorkshire and York, delivered by a consortium of charities and organisations dedicated to improving the lives of older veterans.

The Primetime programme will use age appropriate sport and physical activity to engage aged veterans in danger of experiencing loneliness and isolation. Primetime will work with delivery partners within each of the districts of the county to:

  • Identify the local need and support the recruitment and engagement of participants into the programme
  • Deliver 8 weeks of coached sessions in accessible sports including boccia and new age kurling
  • Provide equipment to the newly formed groups and additional support including coaching courses, session plans, funding advice and administrative information to enable the sessions to continue after the initial 8 weeks.

Simon Pierce (contact)

Development Manager - Disability

North Yorkshire Sport

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