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Finance and Funding Advice

Club Matters

You should always consider other appropriate ways of generating the finance to meet your aims and objectives. In some cases this will be a funding application, though in many cases this could be improving your local fundraising efforts, developing a business plan or even securing sponsorship. The Sport England Club Matters programme has much more information on their website providing advice, support and workshops.


Sports clubs can also register as Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC) The CASC scheme recognises this important role by distinguishing between clubs and businesses for rates and tax purposes, ensuring money is kept in sports clubs.

There are currently 6654 clubs registered as Community Amateur Sports Clubs who have benefitted from at least £181.2 million savings since the scheme began! and both property and non-property owning clubs can significantly benefit from the scheme.

The benefits of registration include mandatory business rate relief, Gift Aid on donations and certain corporation tax benefits and more. More information on the benefits and how to apply can be found here.