Young people tell us:

"The best things about get on track were meeting new people, all the activities, talking about my problems and learning how to cope with my thoughts and thinking positively about myself" – Megan

"I have learned my true potential and how to push and motivate myself. I've learned what opportunities are available and what I need to be part of them"– George

"I've learned how to cope with things, not to give up, how to cope with people even if you don't get along with them. It's given me confidence, more belief, self esteem, a life!" - Sammy

"The effect on my life is that I actually have confidence and believe in myself" – Ashton

"I found that the boxing session help me release some anger" – Dylan

"I've learned not to give up" – Luke

Community Social Action Projects

What - Healthy Body Healthy Mind

- Free taster session in 4 different activities; Boccia (Scarboccia Club), Kickboxing (Extreme Kickboxing Scarborough), Yoga (Becky Hildreth Yoga and Fitness), Chairobics (Lesley Smith)

Why - The group identified an area they wanted to raise awareness of within the local community was Mental Health. The sold refreshments and all money made was donated to Scarborough Survivors; a charity who have helped some of the young people on the programme.

Who - Participants from our Get on Track programme ran an event for the local community. Those from the community who took part were between the ages of 7-76!

"It was fantastic to see so many people there for a good cause and to be able to give back to a charity that's helped me so much! It was also really nice to hear people talking about mental health and getting involved in activities they haven't tried before." Young person on the programme and Lead organiser of the event

The group planned, designed and delivered an activity session for a local primary school in Eastfield (Overdale Community Primary School) .

They planned a range of activities to engage all pupils regardless of there skill level and ability which compromised of a warm up followed by team and individual challenges. The aim was to ensure every young person could participate in a safe and enjoyable environment.

"I think it went pretty well. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Before we started I felt quite nervous, but as we got into it I felt better and by the end I felt relieved that it went so well" Acacia, Young Person on the programme

"I was really nervous to begin with then during my nerves began to disappear as i was enjoying it and then after I was fine and realised how much I enjoyed it and there was nothing to be scared for!" Megan

Sammy's Story:

"Without this programme I'd be sitting around and on the dole. I feel so proud that I've actually done something with my life."

There are many examples of young people who have been positively affected by this programme, one of whom is Sammy, a young mother from Scarborough, attended our pilot programme. Sammy, from Scarborough, was part of the group. Sammy is dyslexic, but as it wasn't diagnosed, she found school tough and because of her low self-esteem, believed that she was stupid. As a result she lashed out, and said she was labelled a "problem child." After going on the Get On Track programme, things changed. Sammy's resilience grew over the course of the programme and she became more determined to find work to better her life. She's now worked on her anger issues, has grown in confidence and is continuing with a work placement, volunteering and keeping active and fit in her spare time.

"Without this programme I'd be sitting around and on the dole. I feel so proud that I've actually done something with my life."