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Grow Your Club

The world is changing so how do you ensure your club is the one that stands out from the crowd. In a market where others are competing with you to win people's attention and more importantly their leisure time, how do you ensure your club is the one everyone's talking about.

You need to understand what motivates your audience, what excites them and more importantly what they want from you. If you get this right then you will have made an early positive impression and people will want to keep on coming back to your club. For a club to thrive and grow you need this repeat business. With the right help and guidance your club will be successful, and more importantly become the best.

There is a huge amount of support available for clubs who are wishing to retain and grow their membership base such as:

  • Understanding your market (Youth Insight, This Girl Can and Club Matters)
  • Understand the motivations of your members and workforce (Club views)
  • Creating a great customer experience - importation to think about the whole customer journey, from when they first find your information right through to attending a session.
  • Creating links with local partners and the local community.
  • Funding & support available to start up new sections of your club that are designed to attract people from under represented groups or considered inactive (Sportivate & Satellite Clubs)

What makes your session unmissible?

This sports coach and Sport England animation encourages coaches to be creative and provides thought on how to make your session unmissable.

Use #UnmissableSport to tell us how you make your session unmissable

The Club Experience

Your club exists for, and because of, the people at the club; your members, players and participants.

It is important to put these people at the heart of your club, making sure they get the best experience they can. In providing positive experiences you will give your existing members a reason to keep coming back. And they will also act as your best advertisement, spreading the word if you want to attract new members.To find out more about what could help make your club experience even better click here.

Laura Young

Development Manager

01423 813036