Helen's Coaching Story

Helen worked as a qualified teacher for 20 years before opening her own business. She became a cycling instructor in 2014 and said "it was a natural progression for me to continue teaching through cycling instruction and coaching.

"My experience as a female coach has been positive, I believe the experiences of working with challenging young people in education settings brings qualities that enhance my capabilities as a coach. I believe that being a female mountain biking coach is helpful for other ladies and girls who may see the sport as 'not for them'. It allows our business to be inclusive for both genders.

"I've had so many highlights in my career but mostly I find that giving support to a young person who has struggled to learn to ride a bike, or re-engaging a more senior person into the joys of cycling is the most rewarding part of my job.

"Juggling family commitments and professional development courses which are often far from home is a real challenge for me. But I always make it work. Allowing people to experience the positive benefits of exercise physically, mentally and socially makes it worth it. It's a great thing to do and it can be managed to fit around the family or to include them in the sessions. On many occasions I bring my daughter along and she's benefitted hugely from the experience.

"Coaching has developed links and positive relationships with members of the community who I wouldn't have spoken to without coaching sessions. I'll coach until my hips give up!"

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