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In the past, volunteering in sport has been seen as something people do for the benefit of others. Whether it's marshalling a fun run, managing money, driving people from A to B (and back) or even washing the muddy kit on a Sunday afternoon, it's always been the participants that everyone is focused on. This is changing!

Sport England's new volunteering strategy, Volunteering in an Active Nation, puts the experience of the volunteer and a drive to increase diversity at the heart of efforts to support volunteers. After all, without them most community sport simply wouldn't happen.

Read the strategy here:

Recruiting and retaining volunteers to support your activities can seem daunting, but with a little guidance and some ideas, we hope that you can fill the roles you need.

These three short videos (finding, keeping and developing volunteers) are an easy watch with lots of helpful tips and advice which can be easily implemented in your club or setting.

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Some tips to get you started

  • With 55% of the general public not realising that community clubs are ran by volunteers, it's essential that you shout about your opportunities, but importantly about what people will get out of volunteering with your club. Ask them what THEY want to get out of their volunteering role, and make sure they do!
  • Advertise your roles with your local Volunteer Centre, not in your club house! Have you thought of running a Facebook advert for recruiting volunteers?
  • Think about different ways to recruit your volunteers.
    • Each parent commits to volunteering just twice each year; this isn't a long term commitment and maybe the start of something more.
    • If parents are sat watching, do you have a list of '30 minute tasks' they could do? Such as check the notice board for anything out of date, tidying the store cupboard or putting letters in envelopes.
  • Make sure you use a 'Role Outline' for each volunteer role. A job description of sorts , but it'll provide the volunteer with more information about whats expected of them.
  • Look after those who give up their time! Recognise and reward them.

You can get more support, advice and templates at Club Matters. It's free and easy to sign up!

Club Matters resources;

  • will help you attract and retain members;
  • provide practical tips and guidance;
  • offer tools to help you understand your club and members; and
  • will improve and develop your skills

There's a wealth of information available on areas such as Club Finances, Club Management, Club Marketing and Club People. You can be guided through a Club Improvement Toolkit or access toolkits and online training modules.

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Here are some 'volunteer friendly' documents to get you started ...

  • Volunteer Experience Volunteer Experience (PDF, 2.8 Mb)

    Organisations must provide meaningful volunteering opportunities that offer individuals engaging, rewarding and enjoyable experiences. Individual needs and aspirations must be considered to ensure volunteers have the right support to get the most from the experience. Read more here!

  • Safe Placement Checklist Safe Placement Checklist (MS Word, 153 Kb)

    Complete our checklist to see that you have everything in place to welcome volunteers!

  • Blank volunteer template Blank volunteer template (PDF, 84 Kb)

    You can access a range of Role Outlines by signing up to Club Matters

  • Club Matters Volunteer Induction Checklist Club Matters Volunteer Induction Checklist (MS Word, 53 Kb)
  • Volunteer agreement Volunteer Agreement (MS Word, 23 Kb)

    Add your logo or print on letter headed paper for your volunteers to sign. You can amend the text if you need; it's our recommendations but your document to use.