October 2019 Inspire Youth

The main aim of the Youth Matters project was to provide a safe space that offers fitness and informal education to young people who do not engage in any positive physical activity especially outside of education, and do the bare minimum in school, enabling them to grow in confidence and engage positively.

Focusing on those that don't consider themselves as athletic or as confident as other sport club members or those that currently 'hang around' with their peers in the areas they live (their socio-economic factors), those that are disengaged from education, are coming to notice out in the community or those that are at risk of social isolation through heavy use of gaming and screen time. A need for a space for these young people to be able to spend more time with their friends/peers was identified. The space needs to be fun, safe, informative, somewhere where they can fit in, feel a part of and feel accepted by something or someone. The young people who we focus on think sport/physical activity is for athletic people whom are good at what they do

Jess Ward (Inspire Youth) said:

I came to recognise during the previous 18 months of running a community youth group that young people wanted to increase their activity levels, but in a safe environment doing sessions that are not the usual sport club sessions, but are integrated in to their club; a club that many had been a part of over the previous 18 months