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Place Leads will have overall responsibility for: Facilitating and enabling delivery at the local level (likely to be a couple of local areas). This will include developing our understanding, insight and building and brokering relationships with delivery partners. It will also include ensuring programmes are delivered effectively within localities. Where appropriate, Place Leads may be asked to lead the implementation and/or support an area of work across the whole organisation – developing thinking, implementing plans and supporting the management of relationships on behalf of the organisation.

Office locations in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, NG11 8NS
Active Partners Trust

About Place Lead

Active Partners Trust a single entity trust, bringing together the county sports partnerships in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire through two operating units - Active Derbyshire and Active Notts. Whilst retaining an identity in each county, establishing a new charitable trust, alongside the delivery of new strategies, will enable us to fulfil our ambition of creating sustainable behaviour change across our local communities.

If we are to reduce levels of inactivity within our communities and respond to the challenges set out within Sport England's 'Towards an Active Nation', we need to see change at all levels and across many sectors. Our strategies in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire set out the need for a collective response based on an in-depth understanding of people and communities, that builds a consistent message and way of working, removes the barriers to participation, builds capacity from within and makes physical activity the norm for people who live and work in our communities.

To do this, we need the best team, with the right attitude, work ethic, behaviours and commitment to make this happen. You'll need to be able to identify with our core values; making a difference, working together, acting with integrity, leading by example and striving for excellence.

Main duties

Vision and Outcomes

  • Secure commitment to change within localities, leading to a cultural transformation, that delivers the vision and priorities outlined in our County Strategies.

Leadership and Advocacy

  • Identify and develop relationships with relevant cross sector delivery partners (public, private and voluntary) within a locality that can support the delivery of our ambitions - addressing inactivity, raising activity levels and increasing engagement in sport.
  • Develop and lead effective working networks and partnerships who are well placed to secure additional funding from Sport England and other trusts, foundations, businesses and grants.
  • Enhance capacity in a locality and lead a new customer centric insight led approach – "Customer led and community focused"
  • Support, advocate and drive a sporting and physical activity culture at every level in a place that enables and empowers others rather than "does to"
  • Support the local implementation of the county strategy, ensuring the way of working (people and community rather than provider led) is reflected in local approaches to delivery

Enabling delivery

  • Ensure the Sport England funded programmes, such as satellite clubs, are really reaching our target groups locally and having an impact on activity levels.
  • Support and enable the development of a granular understanding of an identified locality that is able to inform and shape the development of programmes to meet local needs.
  • Identify and work with the best placed organisations in a locality to ensure the delivery and sustainability of physical activity and sport programmes
  • Support others to capture and measure the impact of interventions and projects in a meaningful way. Share this learning with others through a variety of mediums.
  • Support, train and develop the local workforce to ensure they can engage our target groups and encourage a behaviour change that sees more people being physically active more often.


  • Work effectively with colleagues to ensure co-ordination, integration and synergy between work strands.
  • Be accountable for the achievement of personal performance targets relevant to locality and work area.
  • Provide effective communication and reports to the team and funding partners, reporting on progress, evaluating and planning for the future.
  • Represent Active Derbyshire/Active Notts at key events and meetings, providing support to the Strategic Lead as required.
  • Attend training and development opportunities relevant to the post and/or self-development objectives.
  • Carry out the duties and responsibilities of the role in compliance with the Active Partner's Trust's policies.

To apply, please complete all sections of the application form below and return to

Supporting Documents:

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