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Lower Grange Community Association (LGCA) are recruiting a JU:MP Connector Co-ordinator to help improve the health and wellbeing of children aged 5 – 14 years and their families, through physical activity within the Allergrange Pioneering area (Allerton, Lower Grange and Fairweather Green). The aim is to deliver a whole systems approach to increasing children’s physical activity by working with families, communities, schools and local organisations and making improvements to the environment.

Lower Grange Youth & Community Centre, BD8 0RF
Contact Name
Alex Dilger
Contact Telephone
01274 880328
Contact Email
Lower Grange Community Centre

About JU:MP Connector Co-ordinator

  • To lead on embedding physical activity in the Allergrange pioneering neighbourhood (Allerton, Lower Grange and Fairweather Green); helping those children who are not currently active in their community and parks/green spaces to access opportunities after school, at weekends and in the school holidays.
  • To coordinate at least 6 sessions a week of physical activity (of at least an hour) with local children and families.
  • To lead on the delivery of the JU:MP local plan and initiate or deliver a range of activities which could include sports, informal games, play, dance, walking or cycling.
  • To build strong relationships and connections between the schools within the Allergrange Pioneer neighbourhood and the wider community groups, activity and spaces.
  • To open up access to schools and community venues/assets for children and families to be active on weekends, evenings and in school holidays. Delivery/facilitation of weekend programmes is an essential requirement.
  • Encourage behaviour change in children and families to be active. Empower children and families to be active themselves wherever possible.
  • Take a social enterprise approach, with children and families and explore business models for sustainability by supporting communities to do things for themselves.
  • Build volunteers and local leaders to deliver simple activities such as games and play sessions, walking groups etc.
  • Mentor JUMP Leads (16 – 25 year olds) with a view to them increasingly taking on the delivery of activity and freeing up JUMP Connector role to developing new opportunities.
  • Deliver activities in green spaces to build confidence and regular engagement by local families.
  • Support the Join Us: Move. Play Campaign and wider communications including social media activity and local promotion of the campaign.
  • To attend and contribute to the joint planning meetings with the JU:MP Community Engagement Manager, JU:MP Connector and the project manager, at least every 6 weeks.
  • To Carry out the monitoring and evaluation as required by the JU:MP research team and produce reports as required.
  • To maintain confidentiality of information.
  • To work with the project manager to test and learn approaches and being innovative.
  • To establish an ethos for the programme that is fun, energising and inclusive.

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