Joe Mckechnie

Community Coach

Tell me a bit about your coaching role?
I'm the lead deliverer of our prime-time programme which uses the low-intensity sports of Boccia
and new age Curling to engage with members of local communities within the district, who may be
feeling isolated and lonely, the weekly sessions offer them fun and competitive games to participate
in, whilst also having companionship and the opportunity for social interaction with other group
members, this scheme is one of my proudest achievements as a coach/deliverer, and has afforded
me an extremely rare opportunity to develop my skills as a coach.

I also have a role as a player/coach with the North East and Yorkshire Cerebral Palsy Talent development
centre. I help to coach the senior squad and this year I'm very proud to have played a part in
our Northern regional championship win for the 2017/2018 season.

Why do you coach?
One of my main passions is to ensure that no matter what a participants age, gender, impairment or
ability, is that they feel fully valued and included in whatever group they choose to attend. I feel a
great sense of pride when I see my participants each and every week and know what a difference
the sessions are making in their everyday lives.

What have you gained from doing this?
A better understanding of coaching a number of different impairment groups, the ability to approach
people in different ways during a session, being able to adapt more confidently during a session and
thinking on my feet if changes are needed.

Coaching has helped me to go from being an unconfident, isolated and anxious person, to being more
confident and has given me a feeling of greater self-worth and has allowed me to make contact with
some truly amazing people throughout my experience.