The Engagement Of All Pupils In Regular Physical Activity - Kick Starting Healthy Lifestyles

The Challenge

Children are spending less time moving and more time sitting!

This type of sedentary behaviour has a significant impact on the long term health of young people. Engaging parents and families to ensure children are taking part in active play, to develop their physical literacy, is vital if we want to flip the increasing trend of children using digital devices instead of moving around.

The Government Ambition

The childhood obesity plan is the government's response to the challenge of growing inactivity and physical wellbeing in young people.

The guidelines of the plan detail the responsibility of schools to not only ensure 30 active minutes each day for every child in school, but their responsibility to proactively encourage parental engagement to achieve 30 active minutes outside of the timetabled school day.

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30 Active Things for 30 Active Minutes

What is 30:30?

30:30 is a document developed by North Yorkshire Sport to help teachers, help pupils, reach their 30 daily active minutes and influence and encourage families to engage in 30 active minutes outside of the school day.

We have also put together a pupil friendly poster for them to take control of their own physical activity. Please find it below.

Yorkshire PE Awards

For schools who are doing fantastic work in this area, why not apply for the Yorkshire PE Awards

Schools which can demonstrate great impact of the PE and School Sports Premium Funding on their pupil's engagement in physical activity or health improvement of all pupils are encouraged to apply for the awards.

This could include:

  • increasing activity levels of the least active pupils,
  • engaging pupils who do not enjoy PE lessons,
  • targeting pupils who are overweight or obese,
  • working with pupils who do not usually participate in extracurricular sports clubs
  • collaborating with parents, the community or faith groups to raise the profile and importance of physical activity

Active Lives

The Active Lives survey is a way of measuring sport and activity across England. Schools across North Yorkshire are randomly selected to take part in the survey or alternatively schools can sign up voluntarily.

For further information visit our Active Lives web page.

Website Publication

As part of the funding agreement schools are required to publish their up to date funding plan on their schools website. There are many key components this must include and whilst a template is provided schools may present this in any way they wish providing they include the key information.

Please follow the link for the DfE commissioned website reporting template