Continued professional development for teachers

North Yorkshire Sport are committed to supporting schools to increase the confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff involved in teaching PE and Sport.

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Ryan Ellis -

Teacher CPD courses in North Yorkshire

Sport Coaches

Coaches are different from teachers (however it is recognised that some teachers will have expertise in some sports) in that they have detailed knowledge, understanding, qualifications and experience in specific sports. When coaches complement teachers (where they feel they need support), outstanding outcomes can be achieved by using their technical knowledge and skills.

For further information on use of coaches

North Yorkshire and York PE Lead Network

North Yorkshire Sport have established a new Primary PE leads network.

Meetings will take place on a termly basis bringing together PE leads to discuss issues and share best practice. The network will have agendas that can be tailored to current need but will cover issues such as engaging SLT, meeting government requirements, utilising sports coaches, making the premium sustainable etc.

For more information and to sign up visit our PE Leads Web Page

Yorkshire PE Awards

For schools who are doing fantastic work in this area, why not apply for the Yorkshire PE Awards

Schools which can demonstrate the impact of the grant on pupils when increasing confidence, competence or qualifications of school staff including teachers, teaching assistants, lunch time supervisors, coaches, governors or parents.

This could include:

  • on or off site training
  • professional training for whole staff, a targeted group or individuals

Website Publication

As part of the funding agreement schools are required to publish their up to date funding plan on their schools website. There are many key components this must include and whilst a template is provided schools may present this in any way they wish providing they include the key information.

Please follow the link for the DfE commissioned website reporting template