LimbPower is the National Disability Sports Organisation that supports amputees and the limb impaired to reach their sporting potential. The charity's mission is to engage amputees and the limb impaired in regular and sustained participation in recreational and competitive sport and the arts, to improve their quality of life and aid physical, social and psychological rehabilitation. LimbPower aim to put each amputee and limb impaired person in touch with the right sport and leisure activity for their needs and ability.

LimbPower uses its expertise, experience and partnerships to engage with, influence attitudes and change behaviour towards sporting habits of civilian and military amputees and the limbimpaired (people born with congenitalor acquired limb difference). LimbPower's objectives are to support this population by offering relief to the physically disabled, aiding rehabilitation and improving their quality of life through sport and the arts. They aim to achieve this through the provision of information, education, access to facilities and opportunities to participate in sport and the arts.

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