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York support worker endorses Sainsbury’s Inclusive Community Training Awareness Week

Posted: Fri, 28 Oct 2016 10:02

York support worker endorses Sainsbury’s Inclusive Community Training Awareness Week

York-based support worker Barbara Agnew, who helps local disabled people live independent lives, is one of 6,000 people to have enjoyed the benefits of the Sainsbury's Inclusive Community Training.

As a result of the popular programme, more disabled people are leading active lives. To celebrate the success, we are calling on the nation to raise awareness during Sainsbury's Inclusive Community Training Awareness Week (24-28 October 2016).

Carers, support workers, parents, volunteers and community groups and organisations have all benefitted from the low-cost, high-quality training, with tens of thousands of disabled people's lives positively enhanced as a result.

Barbara said:

"Physical fitness is clearly very important for disabled people. Non-disabled people have more options to get immediately physically active, whereas disabled people quite often need support. But the end result is the same – feeling healthy and better about yourself, and that sense of inclusion. When you are playing a game with others you feel included.

"It's only when you experience Sainsbury's Inclusive Community Training that you can begin to understand the barriers faced by disabled people and can make adaptations accordingly. You learn how to improve an activity to make it accessible for everyone."

During the Awareness Week the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS), who run the Sainsbury's Inclusive Community Training programme in partnership with sports coach UK, will highlight success stories and deliver a workshop in Greater Manchester, demonstrating the continuing impact of the programme.

Get involved in Sainsbury's Inclusive Community Training Awareness Week.

  • Encourage disabled people to take part in your activities – it could be an adapted sport, a challenge conquered or an activity made more accessible.
  • Consider whether you, a colleague or a friend might want to take the training and tell them about it.
  • With 12 months of the programme remaining, book a place on one of the workshops, taking place every week of the year all across the country.
  • Share your examples of disabled people being more active by using the social media hashtag #AK4A.

For more information about Sainsbury's Inclusive Community Training and support on how you can help disabled people to be more active, visit http://www.efds.co.uk/inclusivecommunitytraining

At present, only two out of every 10 disabled people are active regularly. This means disabled people are half as likely to be active as non-disabled people. EFDS research shows many disabled people want to do more and seven in 10 are not aware of any local opportunities.

Barry Horne, Chief Executive of EFDS, said:

"EFDS exists to make active lives possible and part of our work is to enable more people in the communities to feel confident and skilled to include everyone in activities. The Inclusive Community Training is a unique opportunity to up-skill those who are at the heart of our local communities.

"We know there are many people working in local areas, who would benefit from the additional knowledge that this training offers. They often have a key role in influencing more disabled people to be active, whether in their own groups or by setting up new sessions. This week puts a spotlight on the tremendous opportunities available around the country."

North Yorkshire Sport, who co-ordinate Inclusive Community Training within the region, exists to promote and encourage increased participation in sport and active recreation. Robin Lavin, Coaching Development Manager at North Yorkshire Sport, said:

"It's fantastic to give parents, carers and others the skills needed to engage more people in physical activity, regardless of their ability. Personally, I really enjoy delivering this course as it's completely practical so gives participants new ideas and plenty of opportunities to practice skills and learn from other people before going back to their own setting.

"If you are interested in attending a course, please feel free to contact me at robin@northyorkshiresport.co.uk."

Sainsbury's Inclusive Community Training, part of the Active Kids for All scheme is delivered by EFDS in partnership with sports coach UK. Mark Gannon, CEO of sports coach UK, added:

"sports coach UK is delighted to have worked in partnership with EFDS on the Inclusive Community programme since 2013 leading to over 5,000 individuals taking part in the training. We know that people who take part in activity that is delivered by trained individuals enjoy their sessions more and are more likely to stay active.

"This programme will leave a legacy of well-trained confident volunteers and support workers inspiring continued participation within the disabled community who, whilst having lots of fun and being involved socially, will also benefit from the long term health benefits being physically active brings."

Sainsbury's Inclusive Community Training was established in 2013 through a £1 million National Lottery grant from Sport England.

Lisa O'Keefe, Director of Insight at Sport England, said:

"The Sainsbury's Inclusive Community Training has equipped thousands of people with the knowledge and confidence to help disabled people be more active. This training reaches the people that are likely to have a supporting role in the disabled person's life and provides them with guidance on options and possibilities for an active life, so they can not only encourage disabled people to be active but also be confident the activity is relevant and suitable.

"This is part of our commitment and ambition for everyone, regardless of their age, background or level of ability, to feel able to engage in sport and physical activity."

For more information, visit EFDS's website on http://www.efds.co.uk/inclusivecommunitytraining

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