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Case Study: Creating Better Futures/Get on Track

Posted: Thu, 02 Feb 2017 15:16

Case Study: Creating Better Futures/Get on Track

Read about how our Creating Better Futures programme enhanced the lives of young people through sport in North Yorkshire:

In 2014 North Yorkshire Sport compiled a report to identify the underlying inequalities in North Yorkshire and to outline the impact that sport and physical activity can have on health, deprivation, training, education and employment, disability and community cohesion. The results enabled North Yorkshire Sport to highlight areas and demographic groups within North Yorkshire where sporting projects could help to "create better futures" for its population. Local partner meetings affirmed a particular need for a programme to support young people and identified that whilst there were programmes addressing specific needs such as substance recovery, there was not a holistic offer available. Following this, partnerships were established between North Yorkshire Sport and the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust (DKHT) in relation to their "Get On Track" Programme.

The "Get on Track" programme is a personal development project that aims to change the lives of young people through sports participation. The programme provides disadvantaged and disengaged young people (aged 16-25) with the self-discipline, motivation and confidence they need to enhance their employability and to lead more active lives. To date, North Yorkshire Sport in partnership with DKHT has run six programmes benefitting 87 participants, as part of North Yorkshire Sport's 'Creating Better Futures' model.

However, rather than simply delivering the DKHT programme, North Yorkshire Sport has developed an innovative approach to the delivery of Get on Track by securing £100k of additional investment from other partners in the area including Department of Work and Pensions, Police and Crime Commissioner, Youth Justice and Fenhurst Trust.

Sourcing match funding from additional investors has allowed the continuing programme to be more sustainable and has afforded the CSP greater autonomy and accountability for the programme. In practice this means that North Yorkshire Sport is able to take more ownership of the design, format and targeting of programmes utilising local knowledge, insight and feedback to continually improve the programme. This process also demonstrated that a sport related project could effectively generate results to satisfy the needs of multiple non-sport funders. While this has been a challenge, the programme has been carefully managed and coordinated to demonstrate a range of social and economic outcomes to funding partners. The Youth Justice Service Area Manager told us: "I had the privilege of attending the presentations for Scarborough, which included 3 of our service users (one a victim referred to help regain confidence) and a number of other socially-excluded young people known to us. This course has been transformational. To see those young people expressing hope, pride and team spirit was very moving. The course delivers what we have been striving for with previous projects, but I have never seen a project deliver more impact. Very impressed".

The impact of the programme in North Yorkshire has exceeded expectations. A number of key partnerships have been formed with local sporting and non-sporting bodies such as Job Centre Plus, Youth Justice Service, Foundation Housing, Local Authorities, colleges and local housing providers to deliver a comprehensive programme of activity and support for the young people. As a result, 89% have accessed an exit route into employment, training, education and / or volunteering with 60% gaining employment. 75% of attendees reported feeling more connected to their community. However, the real power of North Yorkshire Sport's get on track programme can be demonstrated in the journeys of the participants, as highlighted in the attached video and personal statements:

'J' was quiet at first but grew in confidence, self-esteem & belief: "the course made me smile for once. It helped me see who I really am. I won't let things stop me now." His job coach was amazed saying, "he's gone from not speaking in appointments to not shutting up". J has since secured an apprenticeship.

'C' was worried about the programme & was physically sick with anxiety when meeting staff at the start: "I used to be scared of travelling & had anxiety attacks on the bus or in town, I'd rather hide at home or stay in bed. I can now put my nerves to one side & go into town to see my friends without getting scared. I've been able to attend 4 interviews since Get on Track, the last one I had was over a year ago".

'C' also struggled in relationships "I didn't have a relationship with my family but now I do with my mum & dad. I can talk to them about what's going on in my life. My mum & sister can see a big difference in me, I'm happier round my younger brothers and babysat for the first time on my own taking them to the park. I can just be me, a proper older sister"

'A' lacked confidence which affected his motivation: "I have definitely achieved my goal of better communication and confidence, I would never have talked to a stranger before. I've learned to be clearer in what I am saying as well as how to say it. My biggest challenge was getting started on something but now I'm doing more stuff I want to do. This course has done wonders for my motivation"

'R' had a difficult time, he was homeless & receiving support through a local centre, who referred him to Get on Track. He said: "the course made me look at life in a new way. I'm trying to achieve things I never thought I could". R recently got back in touch & told us: "I had an interview at Travelodge & I've been employed for the last 6 days. I feel great about myself & feel I've achieved something. I just needed a push forward. Thank you, really appreciated".

'S' sums the programme up telling us "I feel overwhelmed that I actually achieved something with my life."

As a result of these successes, North Yorkshire Sport has recently been awarded £250,000 of European funding to continue the development of this model.

Case Study: Creating Better Futures/Get on Track

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