Chloe Hunt- Parents In Sport Week

Posted: Tue, 03 Oct 2017 13:30

Chloe Hunt- Parents In Sport Week

Chloe Hunt – Special Olympics Multiple Gold Medallist - Gymnastics
Twitter: @chloeh_xx

"My mum has played an important role in my life since birth as I have cerebral palsy and spent most of my life in a wheelchair, doing daily physiotherapy and correcting erbs palsy. I used to enjoy watching Beth Tweddle performing gymnastics so my mum enrolled me in a special needs gymnastics club.

From that day, I ditched the wheelchair and went on to get five gold medals in Bath in 2013 competing in the Special British Olympics with the help of mum, initially helping me to do forward rolls and then on to more difficult manoeuvres.

Mum has also helped me with the course work to achieve my level one teaching gymnastics certificate to I can help other young people with personal challenges to follow their dreams.

I have had to put gymnastics on hold now though as my scoliosis and pains are preventing me training and competing but mum is supporting me to transition across into swimming, and home exercises. This support helps give me a 'can do' attitude.

I coach a team of elderly people once a week in the community doing Boccia & Kurling. Their ages ranges from 40-100, some with dementia some in wheelchairs, but they enjoy taking part and seeing someone young interacting with them… My mum continues to support me in this as backup when instructions cannot always be understood due to my cerebral palsy… mum is there on the side-lines always!"

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