North Yorkshire Sport supports Smoke Free Clubs

Posted: Tue, 03 Oct 2017 11:55

North Yorkshire Sport  supports Smoke Free Clubs

North Yorkshire Sport are supporting North Yorkshire County Council's Tobacco Control Strategy in their vision to increase the number of smoke free places across the county. North Yorkshire Sport is working to make sports clubs and settings smoke free.

North Yorkshire Sport are encouraging sports clubs to become smoke free, meaning that visitors and members cannot smoke anywhere on site, including car parks. As part of the Satellite Club agreement, clubs will be required to become a smoke free sports club or be a smoke free sports club during the funded events using our smoke free club policy.

Being a smoke free sports club is not about unfairly targeting smokers. Rather, it is about promoting your sports club as a healthy and inclusive place, where the wellbeing of all, and particularly children and young people, is a priority.

North Yorkshire Sport is committed to the smoke free places agenda and to supporting sports clubs and settings to becoming smoke free.

Similarly, this will apply to our School Games events. These will be designated smoke free events for 2017/18. Signage will be displayed throughout events and information placed in event packs prior to events taking place to raise awareness.

Becoming a smoke free sports club also means you are supporting Breathe 2025 a regional campaign with a vision for a smokefree generation by 2025.

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