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Parents In Sport Week - Geri Mcleod-Pratt

Posted: Thu, 05 Oct 2017 09:30

Parents In Sport Week - Geri Mcleod-Pratt

Geri Mcleod-Pratt - Commonwealth Games Medallist & Olympian
Twitter: @GeriMcPFitness

"It was actually my older brother who got me into athletics, my parents (and I!) realised on my first sports day that I had a talent and told him so but their focus was always on me getting myself a good education. My big brother took me to Birchfield Harriers when I was 12 and it wasn't a great first experience but he talked me into giving it one more try - I did and the rest is history! He drove me everywhere for years until I was able to drive myself and my Mum provided the financial and emotional support I needed over the years...Dad always wanted me to "get a proper job!!"

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