Parents In Sport Week - Paul Broadbent

Posted: Tue, 03 Oct 2017 09:39

Paul Broadbent – Great Britain Rugby League Player
Twitter: @paulbroadbent8

"I was pretty lucky to have very supportive parents, they gave me the support telling me when I need to improve but never dwelling on the negatives. But never put pressure on me to perform, they were never negative in a confidence destructing way, but in the same way they never talked me up telling me I was the best. I didn't realise at the time but they constantly aligned my successes to how hard I had worked to improve, this ingrained in me that the harder I worked the better it got. On the back this sort of consistent constructive support, it became my default setting that work ethic is the start point for everything and dealing with adverse situations in sport and life in a consistent balanced way helped me to achieve my goals and dreams.

My belief is that as a parent myself now, if we keep telling them the failings they have in life and sport they start to believe it and this ultimately holds them back. I've found positive questioning getting them to suggest the ways they can improve takes away the negative mind-set that they aren't good enough and won't be able to be successful. I BELIEVE WE ARE WHAT WE THINK AND IF WE DONT THINK WE CAN WE WONT ACHIEVE IT"

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