North Yorkshire Sport To Showcase Their Work To Support Those With Dementia

Posted: Mon, 21 May 2018 13:00

North Yorkshire Sport To Showcase Their Work To Support Those With Dementia

To support Dementia Action Week, North Yorkshire Sport are showcasing their work to support those with dementia and their families access sport and physical activity through the creation of dementia friendly facilities.

Richmondshire Swimming Pool has achieved this status and shown a strong commitment to welcome people with dementia in to their facilities.

To become dementia friendly, a facility displays a commitment to supporting their staff to be dementia friends and undertakes 'Step Inside' training to view their facilities through the lens of someone with dementia. Physical adjustments are made in the form of signage and appropriate flooring. To further support this the pool has created specific dementia friendly sessions with a guarantee that lifeguards are dementia friends during those sessions.

Vickie McGee, Community Outreach & Development Manager, Richmondshire Leisure Trust noted: 'Richmond Swimming Pool had funding from North Yorkshire Sport which helped us replace our outdated plinth at the entrance of the car park, the plinth now shows that we are Dementia Friendly, the funding also helped us to replace all of our external and internal signage which people can see clearly, as they are more colourful and stand out against the different tiles.'

The dementia friendly pools status has been a catalyst for further work with the site developing a Memory Café, the safe site status, and offering inclusive sporting opportunities as part of their dry side offer. Vickie added "Richmond Swimming Pool and Making Space has been working together for nearly one year to offer a Nostalgic Memories Reminiscence Events, which offers different themes each month on the second Friday of the month between 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm, this is a social event were everybody is welcome to come for a cuppa and chat!! One of the participants says he "feels safe and happy" when attending these events."

With an estimated 10000 people living with dementia in North Yorkshire it is important to provide accessible, non threatening facilities. The benefits of exercise for the whole population are well known, but for those with dementia there is additional benefit of participating in regular physical activity for both physical and mental wellbeing purposes, particularly if that activity is one that the person used to participate in.

North Yorkshire Sport will continue to work with providers to develop further sites to be dementia friendly including outdoor spaces and local community centres.

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