Active Together launches in North Yorkshire

Posted: Wed, 26 Sep 2018 09:04

Active Together launches in North Yorkshire


Today to mark National Fitness Day a new movement, Active Together, has been launched to support people who live, work and play in North Yorkshire to become more active and find the fun in fitness.

The project aims to help communities create ways to bring people together to be active. Being more active can help you to sleep easier, feel energised, and improve heart health. Being active with others in your community can have a positive effect on your health, both physically and mentally and help you to build support systems.

The project is a partnership between North Yorkshire Sport, Community First Yorkshire and Hambleton District Council. Community First Yorkshire are grateful to DEFRA for funding towards this project.

Active Together has a new website page with free how to guides, activity ideas and case studies:

Activities do not have to revolve around sport, they could be a buggy walk, gardening club, dog agility group or den making sessions, and can make use of space already available. Communities could be anyone from residents in a village, work colleagues, school friends, people with a common interest of any age, who want to get together to be more active, together.

Leah Swain Chief Executive at Community First Yorkshire said:
'I'm hoping to set up a dog agility group in my local area to encourage my children to be more active, with the added benefit of getting me to move more too! The children have so much fun, they don't even realise they're doing physical activity. I'm going to encourage others in my area to get involved too, hopefully it'll help to reduce loneliness in rural areas, and people of any age and all walks of life can get involved.'

David Watson, Chief Executive at North Yorkshire Sport said:

'We are excited to work with Community First Yorkshire and Hambleton District Council on Active Together, which we think will be a great resource for North Yorkshire residents to enable them to become more active in their local spaces, and also help us in our mission of driving positive change through sport and physical activity in North Yorkshire.'

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