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Latest survey results show inactivity rates improving

Posted: Thu, 11 Oct 2018 09:30

Latest survey results show inactivity rates improving

Sport England have released the latest round of results from the Active Lives Survey, which show a positive trend in the reduction of inactivity rates nationally.

The report also shows that inactivity levels - people doing fewer than 30 minutes of activity a week - dropped by 116,000 over the survey period.

Almost 300,000 more people are doing 150 minutes of activity a week according to the new figures.

Based on a sample of almost 185,000 respondents to the survey, 297,400 more people in England, aged 16 and above, are meeting the Chief Medical Officer's guidelines of doing at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week - relative to the previous 12 months.

As well as this, the report shows 116,400 fewer people are now classed as inactive and are therefore doing more than 30 minutes of physical activity a week, with a particular change being noticed in older adults aged 55-75 - a key target group in the Sport England strategy Towards an Active Nation.

In North Yorkshire the trends were also positive:

  • 67.2% of people classed as Active - a rise of 1.1% year on year
  • 11.6% of people classed as Fairly Active - a rise of 1.1% year on year
  • 21.2% of people classed as Inactive - a reduction of 2.2%

The survey also revealed interesting trends in people's choice of activities.

Walking, both for leisure and travel, grew in popularity, with nearly one million more people walking at moderate intensity.

Sport England have invested significantly in helping people get active outdoors through partnerships with the National Trust, the Forestry Commission, the RSPB, the Canal & River Trust, and in programmes like Beat the Street that turns towns and cities into a giant game to help families get active.

Other activities that grew in popularity over the period were:

  • Adventure sports, with 213,400 more people taking part
  • Combat sports and martial arts such as boxing (including boxing fitness classes), which saw an increase of 84,800
  • Gym sessions, with 320,700 more people taking part
  • Fitness classes also saw a big increase, of 197,000, with yoga, pilates and HIIT classes making some of the biggest gains
  • Roller and skating sports are showing strong growth with 35,100 more people taking part

To read the full Sport England Active Lives report please click here.

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