The results are in!

Posted: Mon, 01 Oct 2018 05:00

The results are in!

In February we launched our first North Yorkshire Sporting context survey and we're excited to report the headline findings, and what we've done as a result of the responses. This is the only county wide survey of this type and we received feedback from organisations in each authority.

A sporting context includes clubs but also less formal sport and physical activity provision. It is any setting in which people take part in sport and physical activity. We ran the survey for a number of reasons; to set a baseline to compare in the future, help inform our major funding applications and importantly will shape the work we do.

As a result of your feedback we've:

  • decided to remind you each month in our newsletter on the important resources that can be accessed through Club Matters for free. It's simple to join and loads to gain.
  • refreshed our volunteer page with more resources, interactive quiz and links to help you promote your opportunities. We came out to you in the summer with a soft launch so you can help shape this.
  • appointed more mentors with skills including business management, personnel development and funding/grant applications.
  • included a section on recruiting volunteers during Social Media training.
  • begun to develop a series of online training options for you to make learning more flexible (launching October!).
  • developed a pilot to test ways to recruit volunteers using social media. We'll share the learning with you.
  • supported the set-up of junior sections within clubs and community settings.
  • reviewed an existing Facebook group for clubs that support young people making it open to more clubs to share learning.
  • used your feedback to support a funding application for £200,000 to continue the Satellite Club programme for 2019-2021.

We will:

  • continually review the information you provided us to see where we can help and support.
  • send you the next Context Survey in February 2019.
  • compare year on year results.
The results are in!

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