North Yorkshire Sport gain Quest Active Communities Accreditation

Posted: Wed, 06 Mar 2019 13:32

North Yorkshire Sport gain Quest Active Communities Accreditation

North Yorkshire Sport are pleased to announce that following our 2 day assessment in January 2019, we have been awarded a 'Very Good' rating for the Quest Active Communities Plus accreditation.

The Quest assessment process has been specifically designed for organisations like ours and covers five core areas (Collaborative Leadership, Continuous Improvement and Learning, Partnerships and Brokering, Team and People Development, Understanding People and Place) as well as additional modules that organisations can opt into for their assessment.

We chose an 3 additional modules meaning we received the 'Plus' accreditation, these were: Contribution to Health & Wellbeing, Engaging with Older People and Engaging with Young People 12-19 years.

Talking about the award, CEO David Watson said, 'We are delighted to be awarded the Quest Active Communities Plus accreditation, it's testament to the hard work of the team and the board, we feel it's great reflection of where we are as an organisation. We look forward to implementing the action plan for improvements going forward'.

The assessment report commented on all areas of the business, including: 'the committed team...with a strong sense of team identity, with a humble, informal, welcoming and trusting feel...who have strong skills and expertise across a variety of disciplines', as well as 'Key programmes...stand out as good examples of how (North Yorkshire Sport) has positioned itself over a period of time to influence, shape, steer and design initiatives which support local strategic partners agendas and align against their own strategic goals'.

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