Canicross at Dalby Forest Round 2

Posted: Mon, 08 Apr 2019 13:00

Canicross at Dalby Forest Round 2

Dalby Forest hosted the second Canicross event of the 2019 quad series yesterday, with runners and their furry companions racing to take home the April collectors medal.

Since Dalby's first Canicross event all the way back in February 2018, interest in the sport has soared, and yesterday competitors from across the North ran the 7k route starting at Adderstone Field.

Every participant that entered was given entry to Dalby Forest (incl. parking), water, dog treats, a Canicross bag and the second of the 2019 quad series collectors medals. For each of the 4 races completed, runners will receive a different medal, with all 4 medals joining up to form one incredible mega medal, a fantastic keepsake highlighting the competitors' fantastic achievements.

One runner commented "I'd like to say a big thank you to the organisers and marshalls today. What a great course! We really enjoyed our first canicross, and will definitely be back for the next event".

Another commented "We've collected both the February and April medals, and we can't wait for the final two events to collect the next 2 medals and complete our quad series set. Fantastic event as always!"

A huge thank you to everyone who attended Sunday's event, and for your continued support with Canicross at Dalby Forest. Please click on the link below to find the results.

Photographs from the event to follow shortly.

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Check out the results below:

Canicross at Dalby Forest Round 2

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