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Biggest Summer of Netball Grant scheme

Posted: Fri, 14 Jun 2019 15:21

Biggest Summer of Netball Grant scheme

Previously we've had Big Summers of Netball, but this year the stage really is set for the BIGGEST summer of netball this country has ever seen. The Netball World Cup is on home soil and with Commonwealth Gold medals in hand; it really is looking like the Vitality Roses will continue to inspire the nation and we're anticipating that hundreds will want to join in our amazing sport.

So…..to help prepare for this, we're looking to the Netball Family to work with us as we collectively aim to 'open the door' to netball. There are lots of ways we aim to help with this; the first way being grant funding to organisations who can help with new opportunities this spring and summer. All you need to do is complete a short application form and send it to us at Biggestsummerofnetball@englandnetball.co.uk We're conscious that many of you will have some great ideas and will want to get going ASAP, so to help with this, we will endeavour to give you a funding decision within two weeks of the date you submit the application form.

Good luck ,we look forward to hearing all about you plan to 'open your doors' and help make this the Biggest Summer of Netball yet!

Grant are available for….

  • Brand new clubs or teams that need a little bit of help to get themselves up and running in time to be open at the time of Netball World Cup 2019 and will leave a lasting legacy after the event
  • Existing clubs that want to open their doors and create new opportunities or sections specifically for new members
  • Leaguesthat are keen to run some activity this summer that aims to attract new teams and participants to netball

What we will offer

Maximum amounts

What for



Brand new club or team

Must be new club or team and should aim to have minimum of 14 members


New section to create opportunities for new members

Must be to support new members join by increasing capacity at a club. Should aim to grow by minimum of 14 members


Leagues attracting teams and new members

League should run for minimum of 4 weeks and should aim to attract 4 – 8 teams

General conditions for all grants

  • Must be new activity and not currently advertised at time of application
  • Clubs must be prepared to have their details included in England Netball session and/or club finder
  • Clubs and leagues must have their doors open during July and August to cater for increased interest around Vitality Netball World Cup
  • Funding will be awarded on a first come first served basis
  • We advise a conversation with either local Netball Development Officer or the County Netball Association, to avoid duplication
  • All those funded will need to return a short monitoring and evaluation survey during Autumn 2019

Terms and conditions:

The following Terms and conditions will apply to any organisation who is awarded funding through this grant scheme.

  1. Funding will only be issued once a signed copy of the grant acceptance form are returned to England Netball
  2. Funds will only be paid (via BACS) into the bank account of the applicant organisation. Where this is a new club being formed, funding can be paid to the relevant County Netball Association or Regional Management Board whilst a bank account is established. In this instance, the grant acceptance form will also need to be signed by this organisation
  3. Throughout the project organisations should operate in line with England Netball policies, procedures and good practice; particularly in relation to safeguarding and protecting children.
  4. Clubs and leagues must already be members of England Netball or through the project intend to become members of England Netball
  5. Funding will be spent on legitimate project costs
  6. Funding should not be spent on; contingency costs (replacement of damaged equipment etc.), purchase of vehicles, purchase of buildings and refurbishments, purchase of non-sports specific electrical items (e.g. music player). Funding should not be spent on items that are not value for money or are for retrospective projects or purposes (funding can not be issued to a project that has already started or items have already been purchased)
  7. After the project, organisations must provide details of how the funding was spent and what was achieved. England Netball will issue template documents with any funding offer and these need to be submitted to England Netball before 30thNovember 2019
  8. Organisations should notify England Netball via Biggestsummerofnetball@englandnetball.co.uk if the objectives associated with the funding change during the project. They should do this before progressing any amended activity.
  9. England Netball may request part or all of the funding back from an organisation if the project is not delivered and/or these terms and conditions are not adhered to.
  10. Organisations are only able to use the England Netball branding as detailed in a funding award letter. An application to this grant scheme does not entitle groups or clubs to the use the England Netball logo or brand, or that of the Vitality Netball World Cup 2019.
  11. Funding decisions are made by a panel on the basis of the information provided, there is no right to appeal any funding decision.

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