Local Children Benefit from North Yorkshire Sport Wellbeing Programme this Children’s Mental Health Week

Posted: Mon, 03 Feb 2020 10:44

Local Children Benefit from North Yorkshire Sport Wellbeing Programme  this Children’s Mental Health Week

Local young people aged 13-16 have shown increased resilience and improved social and emotional wellbeing after taking part in the Achieve programme delivered by North Yorkshire Sport. The news comes as national Children's Mental Health Week (3 – 9 February 2020) shines a spotlight on the importance of children and young people's mental wellbeing.

The 12 week Achieve programme used sport and physical activity to inspire young people to create a brighter future for themselves by supporting the development of skills and opportunities within the local area.

Four schools across the Scarborough and Whitby area; George Pindar, St Augustine's Eskdale School and Caedmon College, identified 108 students who took part in the programme. Further programmes at Selby High School and York High School are also underway.

At the end of the programme 62% of young people reported an increase in their Mental Wellbeing and 59% reported an increase in their resilience levels as a result of taking part. 65% reported a more positive attitude towards physical activity on completion of the programme.

In addition, the Achieve programme allows young people to gain skills and qualifications to support their future; those involved gained first aid certificates and a Street Games multi-skill activator qualification.

The programme was funded by both The Innovation Fund (Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust) and The North Yorkshire Coast Opportunity Area.

Jody Ivel from North Yorkshire Sport said; "Every group of young people we worked with had different challenges and barriers to overcome. By developing a great team ethic where we worked to support and challenge those involved, we saw changes and witnessed young people taking steps to provide themselves with a brighter future."

A student at George Pindar School said; "I loved the programme. We were encouraged to try new things which sometimes were different, but it was really fun! By trying new things, I have built my confidence to go to new clubs and get involved in different sports outside school! And I learnt it's okay to not be the best at something as long as I try my best".

Find out more about the Achieve programme at https://www.northyorkshiresport.co.uk/achieve

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