Medal Winner Picks Up Prize!

Posted: Mon, 04 May 2020 16:12

Medal Winner Picks Up Prize!

Congratulations to Lottie Brown from St. Oswald's C of E Primary (York) age 6, who received her winning medals and School Games t-shirt and Kindle this week.

Given the current situation we find ourselves in, North Yorkshire Sport were happy to award Lottie with her prize a little early assisting her to complete her schoolwork.

Lottie's winning medal design was one of hundreds entered into our competition later last year, sharing the message of all competitors to 'try their best'. The designs were based on celebrating the 20th Anniversary of School Sport competition in the County. With over 30 schools taking part there was a vast array of imagination, creativity and effort from all participants – it was so difficult to judge!

Lottie was really excited to receive her t-shirt and Kindle and said, "It was so fun to design a medal for the school sports games. I hope everyone loves getting them! I'm proud of you all. Love, Lottie"

Here's also a few words from Lottie's Mum. "Thank you for doing this competition. Lottie really loves encouraging people to try their best and enjoys being creative. She's so happy to have been a part of this and I'm very proud of her."

Medal Winner Picks Up Prize!

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