North Yorkshire Sport launch Impact Report for 2019/20

Posted: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 12:15

North Yorkshire Sport launch Impact Report for 2019/20

North Yorkshire Sport staff and trustees are proud to release our annual impact report for 2019/20 today.

The launch of the report was debuted through a video version which was premiered on YouTube at midday today, accompanied by the staff team adding additional insights and commentary to the video.

Also accompanying the report is a blog by Head of Development George Cull on the importance of North Yorkshire Sport demonstrating the impact of their work.

The impact report examines six primary key research questions (KRQ's) which explore our contribution to participation, an improved sporting infrastructure and workforce, reducing inequalities, influencing investment and stakeholder relationships. It also examines our wider impact on attitudes, health and well-being and sporting potential. Each KRQ is brought to life through case studies, testimonies and statistics which provide the narrative of how we are contributing to our aims and objectives.

Chair of Trustees, Alan Graver, commented "It is by no accident that inactivity levels continue to fall and that more and different people across the age groups are discovering the joys of movement and physical activity near to places where they live and in settings that suit their preferences and motivations. We work hard to encourage these changes and whilst there is always so much more to do, these gains are satisfying and encouraging."

We hope you enjoy the read and the video and would love to hear from anyone interested in becoming involved in our work.

North Yorkshire Sport launch Impact Report for 2019/20

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