Keeping Active during Autumn and Winter

Posted: Fri, 16 Oct 2020 11:05

Keeping Active during Autumn and Winter

Sport England research has shown that coronavirus (Covid-19) has made it much harder for people to get active and we know the change of season will only make it more difficult.

To help inspire and motivate people in our communities to continue to be physically active, Sport England have produced an Autumn and Winter Activity Toolkit that's packed with resources and information.

Sport and physical activity deliver immediate mental health and social benefits, while having a long-term positive impact on our physical health.

Getting active in the way that's right for us – and planning how we're going to keep going through the colder, darker months – will help us cope with the ongoing impact of coronavirus restrictions.

The Autumn and Winter Activity Toolkit, curated by Sport England, will make it easier for anyone trying to help their communities find the locally relevant tools, advice and information they need to get and keep moving. Find out more on Sport England's website.

Government Guidelines

The 'rule of six' applies to indoor team sports, but even in areas under local lockdown rules outdoor sport and organised physical activity can continue. Full details of the areas subject to local restrictions, and what those restrictions are, can be found on the government's website.

Every part of England is now in one of three Covid-19 alert levels: Tier 1 (medium), Tier 2 (high) and Tier 3 (very high). There's a summary of what this means for sport and physical activity on the Sport England website.

Disabled adults are exempt from the 'rule of six' while playing indoor team sports as they have such an important role to play in helping them stay active.

• Socialising in or around activities is not advised and spectators should not gather to watch amateur sport.

• It's important to check any planned activity against the latest government guidelines.

Links to ideas and inspiration

Our Get Active at Home webpages have ideas and inspiration to help you this Autumn and Winter.

There are some more ideas below.

Join the Movement

Online activity timetable – including a selection of free and paid-for virtual classes to suit all ability levels.

Outdoor activity advice – tips, advice and guidance on getting active outdoors safely.

Active at home resources – a selection of online exercise platforms providing free access or extended trials.

This Girl Can

Activity finder/Feel inspired– including a mix of virtual and in-person activities and inspiration targeted at women of all ages.

We are Undefeatable

Ways to move – inspiration and resources to help people with longterm health conditions get active.

Getting started – ideas and advice on getting started.

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