Reminiscence Programmes

North Yorkshire Sport, in partnership with the Sporting Memories Foundation, are identifying and facilitating the delivery of sport reminiscence sessions in local communities. Sport has a universal appeal across communities, generations and families, yet is rarely offered as a reminiscence activity for older people. Using the Sporting Memories guides and materials, families, friends, care staff and volunteers will quickly gain the confidence to start exciting and stimulating sports reminiscence work. Sporting reminiscence is fun, stimulating, evokes magical memories, sparks conversation and debate, brings people together and allows people to share the passion they have for their favourite sports. Participating in meaningful, interesting and stimulating activities can lead to many benefits for the mind and body. There is a wealth of evidence to supporting the benefits of reminiscence for older people, not just those experiencing dementia. Sports reminiscence provides a great opportunity to document a person's own favourite sports events, teams and moments.

The support associated with this programme includes:

  • Full project management and delivery
  • Utilising a partnership approach, to work collaboratively to create maximum impact and sustainable, community focused, intergenerational projects
  • Comprehensive training and resources, including advice and input from experts in older people's mental health, dementia, volunteering and social inclusion
  • Knowledge sharing with sporting memories groups throughout the UK
  • Ongoing coaching and support for projects
  • Full evaluation service

Listen to the audio clip below (from 6 minutes in) about Sporting Memories on StrayFM.

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