Samantha Barlow

Athletics Coach, Fitmums and Friends

Tell me a bit about your coaching role?
I am an Athletics Coach for Fitmums & Friends. I coach children from 5 years through to adults of all

Why do you coach? What have you gained from doing this?
I have a passion to help people feel good about themselves and I love how, through coaching, people
can enjoy improved self-esteem and self-belief. This applies to the kids as well as the adults I coach.
I see children growing in confidence and learning so much more than the technical aspects of an
athletic discipline. They learn about teamwork, communication & support. The adults I coach have
often had awful experiences of PE at school and it is a joy to help them find the fun of physical
activity. I get the greatest buzz from coaching – it is such an amazing role. Wish I'd done it years

Were there any barriers you had to overcome to become a coach?
The biggest barrier I faced was my own lack of belief and confidence in my own ability. I created the
barriers myself. I want to encourage anyone with any interest to give it a go. You also make amazing
friends and I am frequently inspired by those I have the pleasure to coach and work alongside.

What would you say to someone who's thinking of getting into coaching?
Grab the moment and get started. Whether as a volunteer helping out or taking steps on the formal
coaching ladder – you will not regret it. Giving is the best way of living!