We understand how difficult the transition process can be for young people, whether its moving from Y6 to a new school, moving classrooms or moving schools. We have developed some resources below which will hopefully help ease the process and provide you with a toolkit you can use to make you more confident about your next transition.

Transition Workshops

Stay true to yourself - The school year has begun, and you've started to settle into new school life. New friendships may have formed but are you staying true to yourself? It's important to recognise what matters to you – your values, and how you should live your life according to those. These will differ from your parents/carers, teachers and other peers. What matters to you?

Jumping into January - Happy New Year! A new year is a great time for new beginnings, to form new habits and to plan for the year ahead.

On your marks, get SMART... - This session is going to be split into two parts. In this part we are going to explore goals, in particular, S.M.A.R.T goals – looking at why they're important and what makes a realistic goal.

Go! - In Part 2 we will use your S.M.A.R.T goals from last session and use them to make an action plan as we enter the last term of the year.

Sign up for summer - Summertime is nearly here, the time most of you have probably been waiting for! No school, no homework! For some of you, you will be leaving your primary school and so it might be a sad time for you – it's time to get yourself involved in summer. There are loads of clubs and groups available in your locality to make your summer packed with fun.

Prep for Sept - As the new school year approaches it's time to get ourselves prepared for the new academic year. Have you got everything you need to go into the new year organised? Are you motivated to knuckle down?

aimed at any young person Y5-Y7

You can sign up for as many workshops as you like using the link below! All workshops will be run through zoom and a link will be sent to the email address you provide the week of the week of the workshop.

SIGN UP HERE >>> https://nysport.typeform.com/to/KdMEbUeY

Through discussions with both primary and secondary practitioners, the Move On! Toolkit has evolved; creating 6 modules for schools to use to support pupils transitioning to secondary school. Throughout Move On! there is an emphasis on building confidence and resilience through self-reflection and exploration of concepts. Each module has motivational videos, a range of engaging resources and some physical activity ideas that can be used alongside each session, saving teacher's planning time. Schools have the freedom to pick and choose what resources to use for each session, to meet the needs of their cohort.

Whether the toolkit is used independently or accompanying other transition work, we hope that it is useful and supports young people at school. Any questions or feedback regarding the unit, please contact Jody Ivel: jody@northyorkshiresport.co.uk

SIGN UP HERE >>> https://www.yhlearning.co.uk/courses/Moveon